Alicja Wasik

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Relative positioning systems play a vital role in current multirobot systems. We present a self-contained detection and tracking approach, where a robot estimates a distance (range) and an angle (bearing) to another robot using measurements extracted from the raw data provided by two laser range finders. We propose a method based on the detection of(More)
Multi-robot cooperative navigation in real-world environments is essential in many applications, including surveillance and search-and-rescue missions. State-of-the-art methods for cooperative navigation are often tested in ideal laboratory conditions and not ready to be deployed in real-world environments, which are often cluttered with static and dynamic(More)
The program environment for automatic designing of the application specific parallel architectures (liked to VLSI processor arrays) is proposed. The environment consists of three compatible programs which allow to construct and to visualize the dependence graph of algorithms given by nested loops, and then mapping of these algorithms onto corresponding(More)
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