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We have combined in vivo and in vitro approaches to investigate the function of CENP-B, a major protein of human centromeric heterochromatin. Expression of epitope-tagged deletion derivatives of CENP-B in HeLa cells revealed that a single domain less than 158 residues from the amino terminus of the protein is sufficient to localize CENP-B to centromeres.(More)
Centromeres are the structures that direct eukaryotic chromosome segregation in mitosis and meiosis. There are two major classes of centromeres. Point centromeres, found in the budding yeasts, are compact loci whose constituent proteins are now beginning to yield to biochemical analysis. Regional centromeres, best described in the fission yeast(More)
Legal realists expect prosecutors to be selfish. If they get the defendant convicted, this helps them advance their careers. If the odds of winning on the main charge are low, prosecutors have a second option. They can exploit the ambiguity of legal doctrine and charge the defendant for vaguely defined crimes, like " conspiracy ". We model the situation as(More)
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