Alicja Mazur

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This paper describes the problem of designing control laws for path following robots, including two types of nonholonomic mobile manipulators. Due to a cascade structure of the motion equation, a backstepping procedure is used to achieve motion along a desired path. The control algorithm consists of two simultaneously working controllers: the kinematic(More)
In the paper hybrid control for Polish cardiosurgical robot RobIn Heart 3 has been presented. Classical position-force control with modification introduced by Fisher and Mujtaba has been simulated with dynamics model of this robot. It has been conducted extensive simulation study, which should give an answer to the question, if selected motion patterns,(More)
In the paper control problem of trident snake robot using transversal functions approach has been considered. First, control law based on concept of transversal periodic functions has been introduced. Next, some experiment has been conducted. For experimental part special testbed, including: robotic device - trident snake robot, control system and camera,(More)