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Meaningful Mingling: Classicizing Imagery and Islamicizing Script in a Byzantine Bowl
Greco-Roman themes are a defining feature of middle Byzantine secular art, but scholars note frequent slippage between medieval representations and their classical models. A well-known glass vesselExpand
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The Beryozovo Cup: A Byzantine Object at the Crossroads of Twelfth-Century Eurasia
In the twelfth century, Christian military saints, including George and Theodore, became intercultural heroic igures. Appearing in works of art across western European, Byzantine, Crusader, andExpand
08.01.07, Garland, Byzantine Women
Islamicising Motifs in Byzantine Lead Seals: Exoticising Style and the Expression of Identity
Among a relatively small number of ninth- to eleventh-century Byzantine lead seals with animal motifs, scholars have long recognised that some show Islamicising stylistic and iconographic features.Expand
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The Church in Trauma at Worship
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15.09.13, Wander, The Joshua Roll