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Free electrons with a helical phase front, referred to as "twisted" electrons, possess an orbital angular momentum (OAM) and, hence, a quantized magnetic dipole moment along their propagation direction. This intrinsic magnetic moment can be used to probe material properties. Twisted electrons thus have numerous potential applications in materials science.(More)
Four molecules were investigated by imaging photoelectron photoion coincidence (iPEPICO) spectroscopy: 1-propynylbenzene, indene, ethynylbenzene, and benzocyclobutene. Their threshold photoelectron spectrum was obtained and electronic transitions were assigned by OVGF (outer valence Green's function) calculations. Vibrational progressions observed in the(More)
The dissociation of the anthracene radical cation has been studied using two different methods: imaging photoelectron photoion coincidence spectrometry (iPEPCO) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-collision induced dissociation mass spectrometry (APCI-CID). Four reactions were investigated: (R1) C14H10(+•) → C14H9(+) + H, (R2) C14H9(+) → C14H8(+•)(More)
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