Alicia Sather

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A biplanar cephalometric stereoradiographic system was used to measure maxillary positional changes during and after Le Fort I procedures for inferior or anterior repositioning of the maxilla. Of the 29 patients studied, 25 had undergone surgical maxillary advancement, and 15 had undergone inferior repositioning. These cases were divided into subgroups(More)
Esthetic evaluation of a photographic profile slide of a random sample of 130 adult white women was made by six judges. The esthetic evaluation included vertical and anteroposterior evaluation and an attractiveness score on a visual analog scale. Additionally, the judges were asked to give specific reasons for their scores. Profiles with increased vertical(More)
ZntB is the distant homolog of CorA Mg(2+) transporter within the metal ion transporter superfamily. It was early reported that the ZntB from Salmonella typhimurium facilitated efflux of Zn(2+) and Cd(2+), but not Mg(2+). Here, we report the 1.90 A crystal structure of the intracellular domain of ZntB from Vibrio parahemolyticus. The domain forms a(More)
Esthetic profile evaluation was performed by six judges on a random sample of 130 white women. Vertical and horizontal profile evaluations of the subjects' cephalograms were compared with vertical and horizontal profile evaluations of the same subjects' photographic slides. Statistically significant differences were found: Judges sometimes favored the(More)
The technical aspects of the intraoral quadrangular Le Fort II osteotomy are described, and the anesthetic technique, blood loss, operating time, intraoperative and postoperative complications, length of hospitalization, and length of fixation in seven cases are reported. This procedure was predictable and reproducible with few complications, had low(More)