Alicia Sanchez-Lorente

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Future experiments on hypernuclei γ-spectroscopy at FINUDA@DAFNE and PANDA@FAIR require the operation of germanium detectors in high magnetic fields (B ≈ 1 T). The performance of these detectors in such an environment has not been well investigated. In particular, one might expect three problems to arise: (i) breakdown of FETs in the preamplifiers, (ii)(More)
This article presents a novel technique used for design and optimization of a composite HPGe detector with two or three encapsulated Ge-crystals and based on electromechanical cooling engine. In this technique is accentuated on the detailed investigation of the heat transfer processes -- each one separately and in complex, and their impact on the detector(More)
We report on a measurement of the asymmetry in the scattering of transversely polarized electrons off unpolarized protons, A( perpendicular), at two Q2 values of 0.106 and 0.230 (GeV/c)(2) and a scattering angle of 30 degrees <theta(e)<40 degrees . The measured transverse asymmetries are A( perpendicular)(Q(2)=0.106(More)
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