Alicia N Kieninger

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have suggested that prehospital spine immobilization provides minimal benefit to penetrating trauma patients but takes valuable time, potentially delaying definitive trauma care. We hypothesized that penetrating trauma patients who are spine immobilized before transport have higher mortality than nonimmobilized patients. (More)
OBJECTIVE Prehospital intravenous (IV) fluid administration is common in trauma patients, although little evidence supports this practice. We hypothesized that trauma patients who received prehospital IV fluids have higher mortality than trauma patients who did not receive IV fluids in the prehospital setting. METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort(More)
BACKGROUND Positron-emission tomography (PET) shows tissue metabolic activity in the form of the standard uptake value (SUV). This study examines the prognostic value of the SUV for early-stage lung cancer. METHODS A retrospective review of 187 patients undergoing PET for potential lung cancer. Data collected included patient demographics, tumor(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that instruction of proper team function can occur using high-fidelity simulated trauma resuscitation with video-assisted debriefing and that this process can be integrated rapidly into a standard general surgery curriculum. DESIGN The rater reliability of our team metric was assessed by having physicians and nonphysicians rate(More)
Hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) is one of the most common causes of nosocomial infection, morbidity, and mortality in hospitalized patients. Many patient- and disease-specific factors contribute to the pathophysiology of HAP, particularly in the surgical population. Risk-factor modification and inpatient prevention strategies can have a significant impact(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of sexual dimorphism in trauma outcomes suggest that women have a survival advantage compared to equivalently injured men. It is unknown if this gender disparity is mediated by potentially life-threatening complications. OBJECTIVE To determine (1) if there is a sex-based differences in the odds of developing inpatient complications(More)
BACKGROUND Epidural catheters are used in older patients with rib fractures to improve outcome. We reviewed the efficacy of epidural analgesia (EA) compared with intravenous narcotics (IVN) in this population. METHODS Rib fracture patients >55 years old admitted to our level I trauma center from 1999 through 2002 were reviewed for demographics, Injury(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been estimated that the probability of a physician being involved in a medical litigation by 65 years of age ranges from 76 to 98% depending on specialty. We hypothesized that a mock deposition held by a medico-legal expert attorney could effectively increase awareness of the importance of accurate and complete medical documentation. (More)
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