Alicia M. Davis

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Emerging antiviral resistant strains of influenza A virus are greatly limiting the therapies available to stop aggressive infections. Genome changes that confer resistance to the two classes of approved antivirals have been identified in circulating influenza A viruses. It is only a matter of time before the currently approved influenza A antivirals are(More)
The layered structure of clays with interlayer cations leads to unique chemical and mechanical properties, which have been capitalized on in the field of polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites. Hydrophilic silica surfaces can become organophilic with the inclusion of alkylammonium cations, which improve the wetting characteristics of the polymer matrix. In(More)
Foodborne illness presents a public health challenge in USA. There is an urgent need for the federal government and food industries to expand efforts to prevent any food contamination that potentially could be harmful to human health. The Food Safety Laboratory (FSL), ARS, USDA, is one of the leading laboratories for the development of optoelec-tronic(More)
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