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Lianas are a key component of tropical forests; however, most surveys are too small to accurately quantify liana community composition, diversity, abundance, and spatial distribution - critical components for measuring the contribution of lianas to forest processes. In 2007, we tagged, mapped, measured the diameter, and identified all lianas ≥1 cm rooted in(More)
Negative density dependence (NDD) and habitat specialization have received strong empirical support as mechanisms that explain tree species diversity maintenance and distribution in tropical forests. In contrast, disturbance appears to play only a minor role. Previous studies have rarely examined the relative strengths of these diversity maintenance(More)
Accurate estimation of tree biomass is necessary to provide realistic values of the carbon stored in the terrestrial biosphere. A recognized source of errors in tree aboveground biomass (AGB) estimation is introduced when individual tree height values (H) are not directly measured but estimated from diameter at breast height (DBH) using allometric(More)
In modelling regeneration patterns, parametric regression is recommended because it can account for the spatial and temporal correlation present in the data, whereas decision trees allow more complex interactions and can be used to reduce the number of variables. The establishment of seedlings after regeneration fellings is key to guaranteeing the(More)
Alicia Ledo*, Janine B. Illian, Stefan A. Schnitzer, S. Joseph Wright, James W. Dalling and David F. R. P. Burslem School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen, AB24 3UU Aberdeen, UK; Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The Observatory Buchanan Gardens, University of St Andrews, St(More)
Detailed information about interspecific spatial associations among tropical tree species is scarce, and hence the ecological importance of those associations may have been underestimated. However, they can play a role in community assembly and species diversity maintenance. This study investigated the spatial dependence between pairs of species. First, the(More)
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