Alicia Gonzalez Martínez

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In western countries, heart disease is the main cause of premature death. Most of cardiac deaths occur out of hospital. Symptoms are often interpreted incorrectly. Victims do not survive long enough to benefit from in-hospital treatments. To reduce the time before treatment, the only useful diagnostic tool to assess the presence of a cardiac event is the(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol use disorders are among the mental disorders with the lowest treatment rates. Increasing the treatment rates requires insight on the reasons why patients do not seek treatment. This study examined self-reported reasons for not seeking treatment and their association with alcohol use disorder severity among primary health care patients(More)
At present, the software engineering community places emphasis on the relevance of understanding the organizational context before starting the development of an information system. In this context, several research works focus on proposing mechanisms to generate information systems from early requirements specifications in an agent-based approach. However,(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine alternative instructional strategies for improving the education of English language learners (ELLs). More specifically, the present study provides descriptive and comparative information on the use of different instructional approaches that were implemented by 17 bilingual teachers and their 325 Hispanic ELLs(More)
The computational handling of Modern Standard Arabic is a challenge in the field of natural language processing due to its highly rich morphology. However, several authors have pointed out that the Arabic morphological system is in fact extremely regular. The existing Arabic morphological analyzers have exploited this regularity to variable extent, yet we(More)
Recently, a lot of research efforts in software engineering have focused on integrating organizational modeling as a key piece in requirements engineering. In these research works, the business models are proposed as the source of the software requirements specification process. However, the majority of these works focus only on the definition of notations(More)
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