Alicia Gomez Alvis

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Rat atria is richly innervated by sensory nerve fibers that release CGRP when stimulated either by capsaicin or acid pH. We studied the physiological relevance of acid pH-induced CGRP release on changes in atrial contractility and relaxation produced by lowering the pH. Isolated atria electrically paced at 2.77 Hz were exposed to a 10-minute period of(More)
The effects of capsaicin, the active principle of hot pepper genus Capsicum, were studied on voltage-activated, tetrodotoxin-sensitive Na+ currents in isolated rat atrial cells using the patch clamp technique in the whole-cell configuration. 0.4 and 4 microM of capsaicin produced a significant tonic block on voltage-activated Na+ current (I(Na)) evoked by a(More)
 Calcium-activated potassium currents were studied in dissociated smooth muscle cells from human saphenous vein (HSV) using the patch-clamp technique in the whole-cell configuration. The average measured resting membrane potential (V m) was –41±2 mV (n=39), when the cells were dialysed with an intracellular pipette solution (IPS) containing 0.1 mM(More)
Preincubation with physiological concentrations of insulin affects contractile reactivity of isolated smooth muscle cells. We studied the effects of insulin on intact aortic rings of Wistar rats preincubated 1-2 h with 240 pM (I1) and 960 pM (I2) insulin with and without NO synthesis inhibition by N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME). Resting(More)
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