Alicia Garrido

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BACKGROUND A contribution of aberrant interoceptive awareness to the perception of premonitory urges in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (GTS) has been hypothesized. METHODS We assessed interoceptive awareness in 19 adults with GTS and 25 age-matched healthy controls using the heartbeat counting task. We also used multiple regression to explore whether the(More)
  • Alicia Garrido, Amaia Iturraspe, Sandra Montserrat, Hermínia Pastor, Mikel L Forcada
  • 2000
Morphological analyzers and generators are essential parts of many natural-language processing systems such as machine translation systems; they may be efficiently implemented as finite-state transducers. This paper describes a compiler that converts a morphological dictionary (a dictionary augmented with descriptions of the flexive paradigms) into a C(More)
The first objective of this study was to investigate whether police violence is more tolerated when the victim is a member of a social minority (e.g., Moroccan immigrants and Romanian Gypsies in Spain) than when the victim is a member of the social majority (e.g., Spaniards). The second objective was to use Schwartz value theory to examine the moderating(More)
The present study investigates the arguments used by university students in order to explain social differences between social minorities and majorities. In Brazil, the issues investigated refer to White and Black people. In Spain, the reference is to native Spaniards and Moroccan immigrants. The participants were 144 Brazilians and 93 Spaniards, who(More)
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