Alicia García-Herrero

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A hallmark of oligosaccharides is their often limited spatial flexibility, allowing them to access a distinct set of conformers in solution. Viewing each individual or even the complete ensemble of conformations as potential binding partner(s) for lectins in protein-carbohydrate interactions, it is pertinent to address the question on the characteristics of(More)
As a step to delineate a strategy of ligand design for cholera toxin (CT), NMR studies were performed on several mimics of the GM1 ganglioside oligosaccharide. The conformation of these analogues was investigated first in solution and then upon binding to cholera toxin by transferred nuclear Overhauser effect (TR-NOE) measurements. It was demonstrated that(More)
We show that the conformational features of the molecular complexes of E. coli beta-galactosidase and O-glycosides may differ from those formed with closely related compounds in their chemical nature, such as C- and S-glycosyl analogues. In the particular case presented here, NMR and ab initio quantum mechanical results show that the 3D-shapes of the(More)
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