Alicia Felthauser

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Cervical cancer cells exhibit an increased requirement for ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation associated with an elevated metabolic turnover rate, and for specific signaling pathways, notably HPV E6-targeted degradation of p53 and PDZ proteins. Natural compounds with antioxidant properties including flavonoids and triterpenoids hold promise as(More)
Ab stimulation of the TCR rapidly enhances the functional activity of the LFA-1 integrin. Although TCR-mediated changes in LFA-1 activity are thought to promote T cell-APC interactions, the Ag specificity and sensitivity of TCR-mediated triggering of LFA-1 is not clear. We demonstrate that peptide/MHC (pMHC) tetramers rapidly enhance LFA-1-dependent(More)
Although cortical neurons in fixed tissue can be labeled by intracellular dye injection, it is not yet known whether the dye diffuses to the most distal tips of the dendrites, or whether all dendritic branches of a neuron are labeled. In this study we addressed these questions by injecting granule neurons from the rat dentate gyrus in fixed,(More)
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