Alicia Díaz

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We present the design of a computer-aided environment, RMCase, to support the design and construction of hypermedia applications. The environment is based upon the Relationship Management methodology. M C a s e supports hypermedia design and development activities. Support for cognitive design processes is achieved through three fundamental premises that(More)
The content and structure of a wiki evolve as a result of the collaborative e ort of the wiki users. In semantic wikis, this also results in the evolution of the ontology that is implicitly expressed through the semantic annotations. Without proper guidance, the semantic wiki can evolve in a chaotic manner resulting in quality problems in the underlying(More)
Twenty-eight allogeneic BMT patients (16 with acute leukemia, 12 with chronic myeloid leukemia) were included in a single center, prospective, randomized, controlled trial to assess the value of recombinant human erythropoietin (rh-Epo) in this setting. rh-Epo was administered through a central venous catheter as a single bolus injection (days 0-7: 100(More)
Optimal management of patients with relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) has been the motive behind a large number of studies in recent years, and previous response, its duration, and development of clonal evolution appear to be the best indicators for the choice of a new regimen. Although alemtuzumab in relapsed/refractory CLL may be(More)
This paper provides macroscopic and histological evidence on the statistically significant protective effects of S3Pvac-phage vaccination against porcine cysticercosis and hydatidosis. The study included 391 rustically bred pigs (187 vaccinated and 204 controls). Vaccination significantly reduced the prevalence of cysticercosis by 61.7%. Vaccination also(More)
Umbilical cord blood (UCB) transplantation is being used as an alternative source of hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow reconstitution. Separation and processing of UCB samples in large numbers for storage in cord blood banks ideally needs to be partially automated. The aim of this study was to establish and standardize a method for unrelated cord(More)
This is the first report on the formation of air-stable copper nitrosyl complexes. The interaction of nitric oxide, NO, with Cu(DTC)(2).3H(2)O (DTC: dithiocarbamate) and was studied in aqueous solution at pH 7.4 and 293 K. The stability constants were determined from UV-Vis data, using LETAGROP program. The high values obtained, log beta(1)=9.743(5) and log(More)
Two fluorescent ligands, 3,5-dimethyl-4-(6'-sulfonylammonium-1'-azonaphthyl)pyrazole (dmpzn, 1) and 3,5-dimethyl-4-(4'-N,N'-dimethylaminoazophenyl)pyrazole (dmpza, 2) were obtained by condensation of ketoenolic derivatives with hydrazine. 1 and 2 formed the novel dinuclear complexes [(H(2)O)(3)ClRu(micro-L)(2)RuCl(H(2)O)(3)] (3 or 4) and(More)