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(MMI) is crucial for optimising interaction between humans and computers. Humans are quite efficient in dealing with intuitive, logical, qualitative and conceptual problems, while computers are more suitable for arithmetic, boolean logic, quantitative and algorithmic operations. Moreover, computers are characterized by large reliable data memories, high(More)
A robotic arm automatically guidedto handle the camera in laparoscopic surgery is presented. The goal of this work is to generate the adequate camera control strategies to track the working scene during a surgical procedure. The system is based on the computer vision analysis of the laparoscopic image that allows to identi& either a scene's relevant point,(More)
This paper describes a sensor based control that releases a user of prosthetic hands from the continuous attention usually required in opening and closing actions. Besides this local control, the sensory information is used to generate some feedback to the user for the perception of the progress of the hand operation. This control and feedback constitutes a(More)