Alicia Casals

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A robotic arm automatically guidedto handle the camera in laparoscopic surgery is presented. The goal of this work is to generate the adequate camera control strategies to track the working scene during a surgical procedure. The system is based on the computer vision analysis of the laparoscopic image that allows to identi& either a scene's relevant point,(More)
This paper presents a study on how the application of scaling techniques to an interface affects its performance. A progressive scaling factor based on the position and velocity of the cursor and the targets improves the efficiency of an interface, thereby reducing the user's workload. The study uses several human-motor models to interpret human intention(More)
This paper presents an application of a classification method to adaptively and dynamically modify the therapy and real-time displays of a virtual reality system in accordance with the specific state of each patient using his/her physiological reactions. First, a theoretical background about several machine learning techniques for classification is(More)
As man-machine interaction grows there is an increasing need for friendly interfaces. Human-machine oral communication as a means of natural language interaction is becoming quite common. Interpretation of human gestures can, in some applications, complement such communication. This article describes an interpretation of gestures procedure. The system is(More)
Based on the analysis of the parameters considered as more relevant for the evaluation of hand performances, a functionality index is proposed. The aim of this study is the definition of a functionality index that provides a quantitative measure of hand prosthesis functionality. A clinical analysis of the global efficiency of such prosthesis based on their(More)
Recent advances in rehabilitation procedures, methodologies and tools tend to include more and more the cognitive aspects of motor control. With the exploitation of new technologies for brain imaging, it is also possible to ‘close the loop’ from brain to action. In this multidisciplinary field, robotics gets a relevant role, which can be fruitfully employed(More)