Alicia Baldessari

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Skins of bufonid toads of the genus Melanophryniscus contain several classes of alkaloids: decahydroquinolines, pumiliotoxins, allopumiliotoxins, homopumiliotoxins, both 3,5- and 5,8-disubstituted indolizidines, 3,5-disubstituted pyrrolizidines, and a 1,4-disubstituted quinolizidine. Tricyclic alkaloids, including precoccinelline [193A] and alkaloid 236, an(More)
This work reports laboratory results obtained from the production of polyols with branched ether and ester compounds from epoxidized vegetable oils pertaining to annual, temperate climate crops (soybean, sunflower and high-oleic sunflower oils), focusing on their possible use as components of lubricant base stocks. To this end, two different opening(More)
Mono-O-acyl derivatives of dithiothreitol and dithioerythritol were obtained in 40–60% yield, through a lipase-catalyzed transesterification in organic media. Reactions were conducted in neutral conditions at moderate temperature, with or without solvent. Candida antarctica lipase resulted the most efficient biocatalyst (yields over 60%) when working(More)
In this article, we describe the application of lipases in acylation and alcoholysis reactions on steroids and nucleosides. In the field of steroids, a variety of acetyl and fatty acid derivatives of androstanes, pregnanes, and cholestanes have been prepared through lipase-catalyzed acylation and alcoholysis reactions taking advantage of the high regio- and(More)
The application of lipases as catalysts in the synthesis of an intermediate of alfuzosin and lapyrium chloride is described. In the first case, the one-pot procedure to obtain the intermediate involves the treatment of tetrahydrofuroic acid with ethanol in the presence of Candida antarctica lipase followed by the addition of N-methyl-1,3-diaminopropane. In(More)
Enzyme catalysis was applied to synthesize derivatives of three bile acids and their biological activity was evaluated as growth inhibitors of the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. Twelve mono-, diacetyl and ester derivatives of deoxycholic, chenodeoxycholic and lithocholic acid, seven of them new compounds, were obtained through lipase-catalyzed acetylation,(More)
Homocysteine and its cyclic ester homocysteine thiolactone (HTL) have been involved in the detrimental consequences associated to hyperhomocysteinemia, an independent risk factor for vascular diseases. HTL reacts with protein lysine residues in a process named N-homocysteinylation. The aim of our study was to evaluate the in vitro effects of HTL on the(More)
A series of fatty acid derivatives of hydrocortisone has been prepared by an enzymatic methodology. Nine 21-monoacyl products and one 3,11,17-triacetyl derivative, nine of them novel compounds, were obtained in a highly regioselective way through lipase-catalyzed esterification, transesterification and alcoholysis reactions. The influence of various(More)
A series of cholic acid derivatives was synthesized by enzyme catalysis. Eleven acetyl and ester derivatives of cholic acid, eight of them new compounds, were obtained through regioselective lipase-catalyzed reactions in very good to excellent yield. The influence of various reaction parameters in the enzymatic esterification, acetylation and alcoholysis(More)