Alicia Babson

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A kinetic colorimetric assay procedure is described for measuring lactate dehydrogenase activity, in which the reduction of NAD is coupled to the reduction of a tetrazolium salt, 2-p-iodophenyl-3-p-nitrophenyl-5-phenyl tetrazolium chloride (INT), with phenazine methosulfate serving as an intermediate electron carrier. The molar absorptivity of the formazan(More)
Androgens, such as testosterone (T), can have reinforcing effect, which may be due in part to actions of T's metabolite, 3alpha-androstanediol (3alpha-diol). To investigate rewarding effects of 3alpha-diol, gonadally intact adult male hamsters were given a two-bottle choice test to determine the amount of 3alpha-diol that would be self-administered over 4(More)
S ERUM ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE ACTIVITY is the enzyme analysis most frequently made in clinical laboratories. It has long been a diagnostic tool and therapeutic index in both liver and osseous disease. Its usefulness could be expanded by a method which would measure alkaline phosphatase activity rapidly, accurately, and with a minimum of technical(More)
An alkaline phosphotungstate procedure was developed in which the phosphotungstic acid reagent is used both as protein-precipitating and oxidizing reagent. The procedure requires only a 0.2-mi sample and fewer reagents and manipulations than similar procedures, but yields results equivalent to those obtained by Henry’s alkaline phosphotungstate procedure.(More)