Robert M. Feldman10
Nicholas P. Bell10
Lauren S. Blieden7
Kundandeep S. Nagi6
10Robert M. Feldman
10Nicholas P. Bell
7Lauren S. Blieden
6Kundandeep S. Nagi
6Kimberly A. Mankiewicz
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Electrical coupling of neurons is widespread throughout the CNS and is observed among retinal photoreceptors from essentially all vertebrates. Coupling dampens voltage noise in photoreceptors and rod-cone coupling provides a means for rod signals to enter the cone pathway, extending the dynamic range of rod-mediated vision. This coupling is dynamically(More)
Purpose. To evaluate intraobserver and interobserver agreement in locating the scleral spur landmark (SSL) and anterior chamber angle measurements obtained using Fourier Domain Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (ASOCT) images. Methods. Two independent, masked observers (SR and AZC) identified SSLs on ASOCT images from 31 eyes with open and(More)
BACKGROUND Reports conflict as to whether Tourette syndrome (TS) confers deficits in executive function. This study's aim was to evaluate executive function in youths with TS using oculomotor tasks while controlling for confounds of tic severity, age, medication, and severity of comorbid disorders. METHOD Four saccade tasks requiring the executive(More)
Rod single-photon responses are critical for vision in dim light. Electrical coupling via gap junction channels shapes the light response properties of vertebrate photoreceptors, but the regulation of rod coupling and its impact on the single-photon response have remained unclear. To directly address these questions, we developed a perforated patch-clamp(More)
Purpose. To introduce a new anterior segment optical coherence tomography parameter, trabecular-iris circumference volume (TICV), which measures the integrated volume of the peripheral angle, and establish a reference range in normal, open angle eyes. Methods. One eye of each participant with open angles and a normal anterior segment was imaged using 3D(More)
Purpose. Tube-related exposure is a known complication of glaucoma drainage device (GDD) surgery. Our objective is to report the early (approximately 1 year) tube exposure rate of implants covered with a keraSys (IOP Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, USA) tissue reinforcement graft. Patients and Methods. A retrospective, noncomparative, consecutive case series of 42(More)
  • Jeffrey R. Peterson, Lauren S. Blieden, Alice Z. Chuang, Laura A. Baker, Mohammed Rigi, Robert M. Feldman +2 others
  • 2016
PURPOSE Define criteria for iris-related parameters in an adult open angle population as measured with swept source Fourier domain anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT). METHODS Ninety-eight eyes of 98 participants with open angles were included and stratified into 5 age groups (18-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, and 66-79 years). ASOCT scans(More)
  • Ephrem Melese, Jeffrey R. Peterson, Robert M. Feldman, Laura A. Baker, Nicholas P. Bell, Alice Z. Chuang +1 other
  • 2016
PURPOSE To evaluate the changes in anterior chamber angle (ACA) parameters in primary angle closure (PAC) spectrum eyes before and after cataract extraction (CE) and compare to the changes after laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) using anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT). METHODS Twenty-eight PAC spectrum eyes of 18 participants who(More)
This study examined the potential for novel tablet-based tasks, modeled after eye tracking techniques, to detect subtle sensorimotor and cognitive deficits after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Specifically, we examined whether performance on these tablet-based tasks (Pro-point and Anti-point) was able to correctly categorize concussed versus(More)
  • Ye Long, Andrea S Bordt, Weiley S Liu, Elizabeth P Davis, Stephen J Lee, Luke Tseng +5 others
  • 2016
The goals of this study were to localize the neuropeptide Cocaine- and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (CART) in primate retinas and to describe the morphology, neurotransmitter content and synaptic connections of the neurons that contain it. Using in situ hybridization, light and electron microscopic immunolabeling, CART was localized to GABAergic(More)