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Amikacin is an aminoglycoside which is used in the treatment of infection from gram negative bacteria. Amikacin is also used synergistically with penicillin against gram positive cocci. Amikacin cannot be delivered orally probably due to efflux of drug by P-glycoprotein pump in the brush border of intestine. We studied the possibility of delivering amikacin(More)
Chan Su, Lu-Shen-Wan, Dan Shen, and Asian ginseng are traditionally used to treat a number of conditions, including cardiovascular disease. All of these traditional Chinese medicines exhibit cardioactive properties. Digoxin is a cardioactive drug with a narrow therapeutic range (0.8-1.9 ng/mL). A patient taking digoxin may also take these Chinese medicines(More)
Serum separator tubes were introduced 25 years ago and are widely used in the clinical laboratory today for routine collection of blood. These tubes have gained widespread acceptance due to the advantage of the barrier gel that facilitates rapid separation of serum from cellular constituents of blood and thus reduces hemolysis. However, there are some(More)
Asian and Siberian ginsengs contain glycosides with structural similarities to digoxin. We studied potential interference of ginseng in 5 digoxin immunoassays in 3 Asian (2 liquid extracts, 1 capsule) and 3 Siberian ginseng preparations (1 liquid extract, 2 capsules). With the fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA), we observed apparent digoxin(More)
Stability of therapeutic drugs in sera collected in Becton-Dickinson VACUTAINER serum separator SST tubes has been well studied. Recently, the Greiner Vacuette serum separator tube has become available for blood collection. However, stability of therapeutic drugs in sera when the specimen is collected in the Greiner tube has not been reported. The authors(More)
The stability of therapeutic drugs in sera collected in Becton-Dickinson Vacutainer serum separator SST tubes has been well studied. Although most therapeutic drugs are stable, certain drugs such as phenytoin, carbamazepine, and phenobarbital decrease in concentrations over a long storage time. To circumvent this problem, Becton-Dickinson devised a new gel(More)
An over-the-counter Chinese medicine, Chan Su, is used as a cardiotonic agent. We demonstrated significant digoxin-like immunoreactivity in various organic and aqueous extracts of Chan Su. For example, when a 20-microL aliquot of an aqueous extract of Chan Su powder (1 mg/mL) was added to a 2-mL aliquot of a drug-free serum, the observed digoxin-like(More)
BACKGROUND Danshen, a traditional Chinese medicine used in the management of cardiovascular diseases, is available without prescription in the US. Because Danshen is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, we studied the potential interference of Danshen with serum digoxin measurement using various immunoassays. METHODS Blood was collected 1 day before and(More)
Digoxin fab antibody (Digibind; Burroughs Wellcome, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA) is used in the treatment of digoxin overdose. The effect of digibind on the measurement of total and free digoxin has been extensively studied. However, the effect of digibind on digitoxin measurements has not been studied thoroughly. The authors studied the effect of(More)
Several adulterants are used to mask tests for abused drugs in urine. Adulterants such as "Klear" and "Whizzies" contain potassium nitrite, and "Urine Luck" contains pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC). The presence of these adulterants cannot be detected by routine specimen integrity checks (pH, specific gravity, and temperature). We developed rapid spot tests(More)