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p53 Deficiency Rescues the Adverse Effects of Telomere Loss and Cooperates with Telomere Dysfunction to Accelerate Carcinogenesis
Maintenance of telomere length and function is critical for the efficient proliferation of eukaryotic cells. Here, we examine the interactions between telomere dysfunction and p53 in cells and organsExpand
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Essential role for oncogenic Ras in tumour maintenance
Advanced malignancy in tumours represents the phenotypic end-point of successive genetic lesions that affect the function and regulation of oncogenes and tumour-suppressor genes. The establishedExpand
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Public Perception of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
This study explored public risk perception of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for civilian commercial operations, including cargo and passenger transportation. Civilian operators are considering theExpand
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The Role for ink4a in Melanoma Pathogenesis
Malignant melanoma is a disease with high metastatic potential and poor clinical response to current therapeutic measures1. It represents a significant health crisis given its high rate of increaseExpand