Alice Sinatra

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Atom chips provide a versatile quantum laboratory for experiments with ultracold atomic gases. They have been used in diverse experiments involving low-dimensional quantum gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, atom-surface interactions, and chip-based atomic clocks and interferometers. However, a severe limitation of atom chips is that techniques to(More)
We propose an analytical method to study the entangled spatial and spin dynamics of interacting bimodal Bose-Einstein condensates. We show that at particular times during the evolution spatial and spin dynamics disentangle and the spin squeezing can be predicted by a simple two-mode model. We calculate the maximum spin squeezing achievable in experimentally(More)
The Lincoln strain of bovine rotavirus, cytocidal for bovine AU-BEK cells, can establish in the same cell cultures in the presence of foetal calf serum (FCS) a persistent infection that depends on selection of highly resistant cells. In fact, after the induction of the carrier state only a small fraction of the cell population was infected. The parental and(More)
Three plaque-purified measles virus clones exhibited remarkable differences in their kinetics of inactivation only after heating at 45 degrees C and none after UV-irradiation. A hypothesis is discussed of the possible dependence, in fast inactivating populations, of thermolability on a relative incompleteness of the virions.
We show that the formation of a vortex lattice in a weakly interacting Bose condensed gas can be modeled with the nonlinear Schrödinger equation for both T=0 and finite temperatures without the need for an explicit damping term. Applying a weak rotating anisotropic harmonic potential, we find numerically that the turbulent dynamics of the field produces an(More)
We measure atom number statistics after splitting a gas of ultracold 87Rb atoms in a purely magnetic double-well potential created on an atom chip. Well below the critical temperature for Bose-Einstein condensation Tc, we observe reduced fluctuations down to -4.9 dB below the atom shot noise level. Fluctuations rise to more than +3.8 dB close to Tc, before(More)
We propose to store nonclassical states of light into the macroscopic collective nuclear spin (10(18) atoms) of a 3He vapor, using metastability exchange collisions. These collisions, commonly used to transfer orientation from the metastable state 2 3S1 to the ground state of 3He, can also transfer quantum correlations. This gives a possible experimental(More)
A comparative assay for epidemiological evaluation of three different Acinetobacter typing procedures, i.e. biotyping, phage-typing, and the analysis of the bacterial envelope protein profiles, was carried out using sixty-four multiresistant Acinetobacter strains isolated from clinical specimens. The antibiotic susceptibility of the strains was also(More)
We propose a method to study the time evolution of Bose-Einstein condensed gases perturbed from an initial thermal equilibrium, based on the Wigner representation of the N-body density operator. We show how to generate a collection of random classical fields sampling the initial Wigner distribution in the number conserving Bogoliubov approximation. The(More)