Alice Sinatra

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Atom chips provide a versatile quantum laboratory for experiments with ultracold atomic gases. They have been used in diverse experiments involving low-dimensional quantum gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, atom-surface interactions, and chip-based atomic clocks and interferometers. However, a severe limitation of atom chips is that techniques to(More)
We propose an analytical method to study the entangled spatial and spin dynamics of interacting bimodal Bose-Einstein condensates. We show that at particular times during the evolution spatial and spin dynamics disentangle and the spin squeezing can be predicted by a simple two-mode model. We calculate the maximum spin squeezing achievable in experimentally(More)
We propose to store nonclassical states of light into the macroscopic collective nuclear spin (10(18) atoms) of a 3He vapor, using metastability exchange collisions. These collisions, commonly used to transfer orientation from the metastable state 2 3S1 to the ground state of 3He, can also transfer quantum correlations. This gives a possible experimental(More)
In the absence of losses the phase of a Bose-Einstein condensate undergoes collapses and revivals in time due to elastic atomic interactions. As experiments necessarily involve inelastic collisions, we develop a model to describe the phase dynamics of the condensates in presence of collisional losses. We find that a few inelastic processes are sufficient to(More)
Metastability exchange optical pumping of helium-3 is performed in a strong magnetic field of 1.5 T. The achieved nuclear polarizations, between 80% at 1.33 mbar and 25% at 67 mbar, show a substantial improvement at high pressures with respect to standard low-field optical pumping. The specific mechanisms of metastability exchange optical pumping at high(More)
This article presents a new experiment aiming at BEC of metastable helium atoms. It describes the design of a high flux discharge source of atoms and a robust laser system using a DBR diode coupled with a high power Yb doped fiber amplifier for manipulating the beam of metastable atoms. The atoms are trapped in a small quartz cell in an extreme high vacuum.(More)
Nous décrivons la conception et la construction d'une horloge atomique sur une pucè a atomes, visant une stabilité de quelques 10 −13à 1s et une application en tant qu'´ etalon secondaire. Cette horloge est basée sur la transitionà deux photons entre les sous-´ etats hyperfins |1, −1 et |2, 1 de l'´ etat fondamental de l'atome 87 Rb. Elle interroge cette(More)
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