Alice Sinatra

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Atom chips provide a versatile quantum laboratory for experiments with ultracold atomic gases. They have been used in diverse experiments involving low-dimensional quantum gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, atom-surface interactions, and chip-based atomic clocks and interferometers. However, a severe limitation of atom chips is that techniques to(More)
We propose to store nonclassical states of light into the macroscopic collective nuclear spin (10(18) atoms) of a 3He vapor, using metastability exchange collisions. These collisions, commonly used to transfer orientation from the metastable state 2 3S1 to the ground state of 3He, can also transfer quantum correlations. This gives a possible experimental(More)
In the absence of losses the phase of a Bose-Einstein condensate undergoes collapses and revivals in time due to elastic atomic interactions. As experiments necessarily involve inelastic collisions, we develop a model to describe the phase dynamics of the condensates in presence of collisional losses. We find that a few inelastic processes are sufficient to(More)
We propose an efficient stochastic method to implement numerically the Bogolubov approach to study finite-temperature Bose-Einstein condensates. Our method is based on the Wigner representation of the density matrix describing the non condensed modes and a Brownian motion simulation to sample the Wigner distribution at thermal equilibrium. Allowing to(More)
  • M Christophe, Salomon Président, Mme Isabelle, Bouchoule Rapporteur, M Kurt, Gibble Rapporteur +84 others
  • 2009
Nous décrivons la conception et la construction d'une horloge atomique sur une pucè a atomes, visant une stabilité de quelques 10 −13à 1s et une application en tant qu'´ etalon secondaire. Cette horloge est basée sur la transitionà deux photons entre les sous-´ etats hyperfins |1, −1 et |2, 1 de l'´ etat fondamental de l'atome 87 Rb. Elle interroge cette(More)
We consider a vectorial Kerr-medium model including transverse spatial effects. We analyze cases in which, immediately above the threshold of the spatial instability, the homogeneous pump wave gives rise to two tilted waves corresponding to a stripe pattern in the near eld. We analyze both the self-focusing and the self-defocusing case and we point out the(More)
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