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The Lincoln strain of bovine rotavirus, cytocidal for bovine AU-BEK cells, can establish in the same cell cultures in the presence of foetal calf serum (FCS) a persistent infection that depends on selection of highly resistant cells. In fact, after the induction of the carrier state only a small fraction of the cell population was infected. The parental and(More)
A latent infection by measles virus in a line of Vero cells could be maintained only at 37° C. The conditions of temperature nonpermissiveness were associated with some block in virus production and/or release and with the establishment of an autointerference phenomenon. Reduction of the incubation temperature to 33.5° C induced a rather rapid transition(More)
The hemagglutinating (HA) and hemolytic (HL) activity of two measles virus variants, differing with regard to type of CPE and other characteristics, have been investigated. Viral fluids obtained from HeLa cell cultures infected with the variant having CPE of the “strand-forming” type showed significant HA and HL activity; whereas fluids from cultures(More)
Atom chips provide a versatile quantum laboratory for experiments with ultracold atomic gases. They have been used in diverse experiments involving low-dimensional quantum gases, cavity quantum electrodynamics, atom-surface interactions, and chip-based atomic clocks and interferometers. However, a severe limitation of atom chips is that techniques to(More)
We propose an analytical method to study the entangled spatial and spin dynamics of interacting bimodal Bose-Einstein condensates. We show that at particular times during the evolution spatial and spin dynamics disentangle and the spin squeezing can be predicted by a simple two-mode model. We calculate the maximum spin squeezing achievable in experimentally(More)
We propose to store nonclassical states of light into the macroscopic collective nuclear spin (10(18) atoms) of a 3He vapor, using metastability exchange collisions. These collisions, commonly used to transfer orientation from the metastable state 2 3S1 to the ground state of 3He, can also transfer quantum correlations. This gives a possible experimental(More)
We measure atom number statistics after splitting a gas of ultracold 87Rb atoms in a purely magnetic double-well potential created on an atom chip. Well below the critical temperature for Bose-Einstein condensation Tc, we observe reduced fluctuations down to -4.9 dB below the atom shot noise level. Fluctuations rise to more than +3.8 dB close to Tc, before(More)
We show that the formation of a vortex lattice in a weakly interacting Bose condensed gas can be modeled with the nonlinear Schrödinger equation for both T=0 and finite temperatures without the need for an explicit damping term. Applying a weak rotating anisotropic harmonic potential, we find numerically that the turbulent dynamics of the field produces an(More)