Alice Sarah Mason

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The Working Party on human growth hormone (hGH) has during the past decade developed a system for the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from hGH lack. Today there are nineteen measurement centres in the United Kingdom at which patients are assessed and where the effects of therapy are monitored. The current supply of hGH, which is prepared from(More)
The effects of oral bromocriptine in acromegaly have been studied. A dose of 5 mg six-hourly suppressed circulating growth hormone (GH) levels in nine out of 11 patients treated for seven to 11 weeks. This was associated with considerable clinical improvement in all patients, with abolition of excessive sweating, reduction in soft-tissue thichening,(More)
Seventy-three patients with active acromegaly were treated for three to 25 months with bromocriptine 10-60 mg/day. Seventy-one patients showed symptomatic and objective clinical improvement. This included reduction in excessive sweating, hand and foot size, and the number of headaches; improved facial appearance; and increased energy and libido. Abnormal(More)
The menopause is centered on the ovary and its in-built obsolescence. The events of the menopause start when the active ovary begins to fail and end when the ovary lapses into inactivity. The duration of these events is variable. Stimulated by the pituitary, 1 follicle develops each month as a hormone-producing organ. The life span of the follicle is(More)
A patient with partial lipodystrophy is described in whom hypertriglyceridaemia was accompanied by marked hyperinsulinaemia. The hyperlipidaemia was due to increased plasma levels of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL). Kinetic studies, performed after injection of autologous radioiodinated VLDL, indicated that the raised VLDL levels were associated with(More)
Basal free fatty acid (FFA) turnover was found to be elevated or at the upper limit of normal in a patient with total lipodystrophy. The decrease in plasma FFA concentration which occurred after intravenous administration of insulin was shown to be primarily due to a fall in the inflow of FFA into the circulation. These results provide support for the(More)