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The aim of this study was to apply one-third-octave analysis for measuring an acoustic correlate of hypernasality in the speech of adults with a range of aetiologies (dysarthria, maxillectomy and cleft palate). Subjects included 12 speakers with hypernasality and 12 normal controls. The speech material was the vowel /i/ segmented from two Cantonese single(More)
PURPOSE Orthognathic surgery may have a positive or negative effect on speech. Perceptual evaluation of presurgical and postsurgical articulation is difficult because speech errors, when they occur, are usually fricative distortions, which may be difficult to document reliably. In this study, acoustic analysis was used to supplement perceptual judgment of(More)
The aims of this study were to provide a perceptual speech 'profile' for Cantonese speakers with hypokinetic dysarthria, to examine the reliability of non-expert listeners in perceptual judgements of dysarthric speech, and to investigate cross-language differences in profiles of hypokinetic dysarthria. Participants included 19 speakers with Parkinson's(More)
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