Alice Redmond

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Tooth whiteners are considered as cosmetic agents to be used for bleaching teeth. Since tooth whitener may be swallowed during the whitening procedure, studies were conducted to determine whether ingestion of tooth whitener containing carbamide peroxide resulted in toxic effects. Adult female rats were used, and vaginal smears were examined daily to(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether ingestion of a tooth whitener containing 6% hydrogen peroxide as bleaching agent affected the gastric mucosa of adult, female laboratory rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-six fasting rats were intubated with a single bolus (5 g/kg body weight) of the tooth whitener Natural White which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide. Thirty-two(More)
We measured uptake and metabolism of progesterone (P4) during the estrous cycle and Days 2-6 of pseudopregnancy (PSP) to determine uterine P4 dynamics during preimplantation. Rats were infused with [3H]P4 for 60 min, blood was obtained, the uterus was removed, and endometrium and myometrium were isolated. Tissue radiolabeled P4 and P4 metabolites (5(More)
The unknown biochemical role of arginase in epidermal metabolism was probed by examining the association of elevated arginase activity with epidermal hyperplasia and hyperkeratinization. Epidermal hyperplasia was induced experimentally by topical application of 1-decanol to the right side of male hairless mice while the contralateral side served as control.(More)
We determined whether dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA) and androstenedione (A) were converted to testosterone (T) by the midgestation primate fetal testis in the absence of gonadotropins. Testes from six baboon (Papio anubis) fetuses, obtained by cesarean section at Day 100-107 of gestation (term = Day 184) were dispersed with 0.2% collagenase. Cells (1.1 X(More)
Endometrial uptake and metabolism of progesterone were studied in early pregnant rats to determine whether the presence of blastocysts alters endometrial progesterone dynamics during the periimplantation period. Animals were anesthetized and infused continuously on Day 6 of pregnancy with [3H]progesterone. A control group of rats carried a surgically(More)
Two multi-drug resistant variants of the human carcinoma line Hep-2 have been selected by adaptation to progressively increasing concentrations of adriamycin. In comparison to the wild-type Hep-2 cells, the variant lines both showed approximately 100-fold resistance to adriamycin, 10 to 20-fold resistance to the vinca alkaloids but only 2–3 fold resistance(More)
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