Alice Recalde

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The incidence of small subpleural lung cysts was analyzed for autopsies of 98 patients with Down syndrome (DS): 9 fetuses or stillborns and 89 liveborns. Such cysts were not seen in any of the fetuses or stillborn infants; they were identified in 18 (20%) liveborn DS patients but were present in only 1 of 11 DS patients who survived less than 4 weeks. Such(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a growing public health burden, and its treatment remains a challenge. AF leads to electrical remodeling of the atria, which in turn promotes AF maintenance and resistance to treatment. Although remodeling has long been a therapeutic target in AF, its causes remain poorly understood. We show that atrial-specific up-regulation of(More)
We carried out a seroepidemiologic survey to define the prevalence of human T cell lymphotropic virus types 1/2 (HTLV-1/2) infections among aboriginal populations from isolated regions of northern Argentina and the Amazon region of Peru. Antibodies against HTLV were measured with agglutination tests and confirmed with by an immunofluorescence assay (IFA)(More)
Seventy-four neonates with respiratory distress syndrome had cytologic study of tracheal aspirates. Thirteen, all of whom were receiving intravenous lipid and nothing orally had abundant macrophages with foamy cytoplasm, positive for intracytoplasmic lipid by Sudan black stain, in the tracheal aspiration specimens. Cytologic surveillance of tracheal(More)
The size of cardiac muscle fibers was determined for 15 patients with Down syndrome who did not have congenital heart disease and for 15 age- and sex-matched control patients by counting the number of cardiac muscle cells in specified areas of microscopic sections (method of Black-Schaffer and Turner). Mean ratio of muscle cells per unit area for the Down(More)
RATIONALE Adiponectin has anti-inflammatory effects in experimental models, but its role in the regulation of myocardial redox state in humans is unknown. Although adiponectin is released from epicardial adipose tissue (EpAT), it is unclear whether it exerts any paracrine effects on the human myocardium. OBJECTIVE To explore the cross talk between(More)
Indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) is a well-accepted assay for the confirmation of human retrovirus infection. Fluctuations in HIV-1 antigen expression in infected E-B2 cells depending on several factors have been reported. Cells kept in log phase expressed the highest levels of viral antigen. Thus, we studied the time kinetics of IFA positivity in(More)
BACKGROUND Nitric oxide synthase uncoupling occurs under conditions of oxidative stress modifying the enzyme's function so it generates superoxide rather than nitric oxide. Nitric oxide synthase uncoupling occurs with chronic pressure overload, and both are ameliorated by exogenous tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4)-a cofactor required for normal nitric oxide(More)
This study was designed to compare the Ayres spatula/cytobrush combination with the Ayres spatula/cotton swab combination as to the quality of the Pap smear in adolescent females. We evaluated 111 Pap smears, of which 60 (54%) were from cotton applicators/spatula combination and 51 (46%) were from cytobrush/spatula combination. Seventy-nine percent of the(More)