Alice Prochaska

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We investigated the metabolism of lidocaine to its active metabolites--monoethylglycinexylidide (MEGX) and glycinexylidide (GX)--in the mother, fetus, and neonate. The study population included normal patients and their infants delivered either vaginally or by cesarean section. A group of infants of mothers in whom pudendal anesthesia was induced was also(More)
Whether meperidine metabolism is affected by pregnancy or immaturity has not been clearly established. This is of interest because meperidine is commonly given during labor for pain relief and the fetus receives the drug in utero. Moreover, animals studies suggest that the hormones of pregnancy contribute to decreased activity of the drug-metabolizing(More)
THISARTICLE CONSIDERS the treatment of special collections in libraries in North America and the world. It looks first at issues of providing access for an increasingly broad and diverse readership but with limited resources. Questions of the ownership of unique materials are then considered, with special reference to claims of national heritage and the(More)
  • A. Prochaska
  • Zeitschrift für Hygiene und Infektionskrankheiten
  • 2005
Gestützt auf die oben angeführten Differenzierungsmerkmale, welche bei allen 16 aus dem Rachen auf's Gerathewohl isolirten Pseudodiphtheriebacillen übereinstimmend angetroffen wurden (sogenannte Xerosebacillen aus dem Auge haben wir nicht untersucht), müssen wir dieselben als mit dem Diphtheriebacillus verwandte Mikroorganismen betrachten, doch haben in(More)
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