Alice P. Okeyo

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How to cite this article: Van den Berg VL, Okeyo AP, Dannhauser A, Nel M. Body weight, eating practices and nutritional knowledge amongst university nursing students, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Afr J Prm Health Care Fam Med. 2012;4(1), Art. #323, 9 pages. http:// v4i1.323 Background: Health care workers need to be equipped to deal(More)
The following article describes the strategies of a group of rural Kenyan market women for coordinating their various family responsibilities: subsistence production, income generation, child rearing, and household maintenance. By approaching the study of these women through their income-generating role, which is essential to the performance of their other(More)
In December 1979, an Expert Meeting on Research and Data Collection on Women and Development was convened in Nairobi for the purpose of defining research priorities and methodological approaches for studying the role of African women in development. After reviewing current literature relevant to the subject matter, the participants developed a number of(More)
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