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This in vitro study evaluated the effect of six surface treatments on the shear bond strength of three resin-modified glass ionomers (RMGIs) to dentin. Occlusal surfaces of caries-free third molars were reduced to expose only dentin. Surface treatments were smear layer intact (negative control), Cavity Conditioner, EDTA, Ketac Primer, Self Conditioner, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Repairing composite restorations may be a more conservative treatment than replacing the entire restoration. The objective of this in vitro study was to determine the best repair method by measuring flexural, diametral tensile, and shear bond strength of repaired composites in which the surfaces were treated with chemical primers (Add & Bond or(More)
Time-domain ultrasonography is an alternative to Doppler analysis of blood flow direction and velocity. The technique uses timing information between successive echo pulses to measure flow velocities directly through a color display map. Volume flow quantification also can be achieved by combining time-domain methods with M-mode ultrasonography. This report(More)
Invasive species increasingly threaten global biodiversity with faunal homogenization, and are of specific concern in the highly diverse aquatic systems of the Southeast United States. However, patterns of invasion and variables influencing invasion success remain poorly understood. This study followed the introduction, establishment, and invasion processes(More)
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