Alice L. Givan

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CD163, a monocyte and macrophage-specific surface glycoprotein, which is increased by interleukin-10 and glucocorticoids, is a scavenger receptor for hemoglobin/haptoglobin complexes. We report a rapid and highly reproducible rise in soluble CD163 in the plasma of human volunteers given intravenous lipopolysaccharide (LPS). We also show that LPS induces(More)
UNLABELLED We previously reported that a continuous insulin infusion improves neutrophil phagocytic function after cardiac surgery in diabetic patients. These data suggested that hyperglycemia impairs neutrophil function, and because nondiabetic patients also experience hyperglycemia during cardiac surgery, we hypothesized that a continuous insulin infusion(More)
Fluorescent dyes that stain cell membranes or cytoplasm and then partition between daughter cells at division have been used in conjunction with flow cytometry to measure the proliferation of cells. In this paper, using peripheral blood mononuclear cells responding to tetanus toxoid, we describe an extension of this dye methodology to calculate the(More)
The human female reproductive tract (RT) has been analyzed by others with respect to NK cell cytolytic activity, but not CD3+ T cell (CTL) cytolytic activity. Here, we describe the cytolytic capacity of mucosal CD3+ T cells both longitudinally within the RT (Fallopian tube, uterine endometrium, endocervix, ectocervix, and vaginal mucosa) and temporally(More)
To show that macrophages can be effectively targeted against malignant B cells, bispecific antibodies (BsAb) were constructed from two antibodies having specificity for the high-affinity Fc receptor for IgG (Fc gamma RI/CD64) and the B-cell differentiation antigens CD19 and CD37. Using a flow cytometry-based assay and confocal imaging, we show that these(More)
PROBLEM The tissues of the human female reproductive tract (Fallopian tube, uterus, cervix, and vagina) may play different roles in the provision of mucosal immunity. The purpose of this study was to develop a uniform method suitable for quantitative comparison of the leukocytes from all these tissues. METHOD OF STUDY Tissues, typically 0.5-1.0 g, were(More)
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) play an important role in tumor cell invasion and metastasis. These processes require the dissolution of the basement membrane and invasion of the stromal matrix (ECM), and are mediated by MMPs. Consequently, MMP inhibitors may be attractive as new anticancer agents. To examine the potential contribution of collagenase-1(More)
PROBLEM To investigate the mucosal immune system in the cervix and vagina of premenopausal women in terms of immune cells present and cytolytic capacity of mucosal CD3+ T cells in the lower reproductive tract. METHODS Fresh tissue fragments prepared by vibratome sectioning were analyzed for the presence of cells by confocal scanning laser microscopy(More)
The DNA content of breast tumours from 170 patients who presented between 1978 and 1980 was measured by flow cytometry. The relationship between tumour ploidy and disease outcome was assessed and its association with other prognostic factors evaluated. Compared with those with diploid tumours, patients with aneuploid tumours had significantly earlier(More)