Alice K Murray

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We review research on the 16-androstenes and their special claim, born originally of the finding that androstenes function as boar pheromones, to be human chemosignals. Microbial fauna in human axillae act upon the 16-androstenes to produce odorous volatiles. Both individual variation and sex differences in perception of these odors suggest that they may(More)
Since the early 1960's knowledge regarding human genetics has increased at an exponential rate. Because genetics was not commonly taught in medical schools before the late 1960's, this review article is intended to acquaint physicians or refresh their knowledge regarding chromosomal, mendelian and multifactorial inheritance and the indications for prenatal(More)
A series of oligomeric glycans can be extracted from the cell walls of developing cotton fibers with weak acid. Glycans that produce similar profiles on high pH anion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAEC-PAD) are also found in a protein complex extracted from developing fibers and in amorphous aggregates found in association with(More)
Many health-care professionals have expressed increasing concern over the growing use of licit and illicit substances. Considerable interest has also been shown in the effects of substance use on the developing fetus. In view of both the media and academic coverage of this subject, the possible dangers to health of both mother and child should (presumably)(More)
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