Alice K. Hamrick

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The study of coprolites from earlier cultures represents a great opportunity to study an "unaltered" composition of the intestinal microbiota. To test this, pre-Columbian coprolites from two cultures, the Huecoid and Saladoid, were evaluated for the presence of DNA, proteins and lipids by cytochemical staining, human and/or dog-specific Bacteroides spp. by(More)
Acknowledgements Thanks to the citizens of Pismo Beach and the members of the local Surfider Foundation for bringing Pismo water quality up as an issue for attention in 2006. Dennis Delzeit, the City Engineer at Pismo Beach when the project began, and Dwayne Chisam, his replacement since late 2008, both deserve acknowledgement for helping shepherd the(More)
Investigation of larval sensory systems in the marine bryozoan, Bugula neritina Heather Leigh Price Bugula neritina is a sessile marine bryozoan with a pelagic larval stage. Larvae frequently settle on boat hulls, facilitating the introduction of B. neritina to bays and estuaries worldwide. Adrenergic agonists, such as the vertebrate hormone noradrenaline,(More)
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