Alice Jacquot

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Boltzmann samplers are a kind of random samplers; in 2004, Duchon, Flajolet, Louchard and Schaeffer showed that given a combinatorial class and a combinatorial specification for that class, one can automatically build a Boltzmann sampler. In this paper, we introduce a Boltzmann sampler for Motzkin trees built from a holonomic specification, that is, a(More)
We investigate the asymptotic number of elements of size n in a particular class of closed lambda-terms (so-called BCI(p)-terms) which are generalizations of lambdaterms related to axiom systems of combinatory logic. By deriving a differential equation for the generating function of the counting sequence we obtain a recurrence relation which can be solved(More)
We present a new uniform random sampler for binary trees with n internal nodes consuming 2n + Θ(log(n)) random bits on average. This makes it quasi-optimal and out-performs the classical Remy algorithm. We also present a sampler for unary-binary trees with n nodes taking Θ(n) random bits on average. Both are the first linear-time algorithms to be optimal up(More)
Recent work of Brlek et al. gives a characterization of digitally convex polyominoes using combinatorics on words. From this work, we derive a combinatorial symbolic description of digitally convex polyominoes and use it to analyze their limit properties and build a uniform sampler. Experimentally, our sampler shows a limit shape for large digitally convex(More)
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