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INTRODUCTION In a recent issue of Global Ecology and Biogeo-graphy , Pearson & Dawson (2003) provided an informative review of the use of bioclimate envelope models (BEM) for predicting future distributional ranges of temperate plant species under expected global climate change. The authors discuss several criticisms of the BEM approach and they conclude(More)
BACKGROUND Lipid-lowering treatment with statins has proven to be effective in reducing cardiovascular events and mortality. In daily practice, however, adherence to medication is often low and this compromises the therapeutic effect. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of an electronic reminder device (ERD) with or without counseling to(More)
PURPOSE Cervical radiculopathy (CR) is a common diagnosis. It is unclear if intervention studies use uniform definitions and criteria for patient selection. Our objective was to assess the uniformity of diagnostic criteria and definitions used in intervention studies to select patients with CR. METHODS We electronically searched the Cochrane Controlled(More)
Ten patients with advanced cancer and breakthrough pain between the ages of 39 and 78 received oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate (10-15 micrograms/kg) 4 or 5 times each over 2 days (42 total administrations) in an open study. Baseline vital sign and rating scale results did not vary over administrations, except for heart rate which showed an 8 beats/min(More)
Previous research on the care-giver burden experienced by adult children has typically focused on the adult child and parent dyad. This study uses information on multiple informal care-givers and examines how characteristics of the informal care-giving network affect the adult child's care-giver burden. In 2007, 602 Dutch care-givers who were assisting(More)
  • A G M Wolbert, P J M Van Der Hoogt, Z A J Lok, A De Boer
  • 2007
For more than 20 years, master students have been offered a practical training on experimental vibration research by the Structural Dynamics & Acoustics Section of the University of Twente. The basic theoretical knowledge, necessary to attend this practical training, is provided for the Master part of their study and it consists of a series of lectures on(More)
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