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In recent years, drugs including flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyrate, ketamine, and ethanol, have become popularly associated with drug-facilitated sexual assault. Other drugs are also candidates as factors in "drug facilitated sexual assault" (DFSA). The true extent of DFSA is not known, and is difficult to estimate. We recruited sexual assault(More)
  • A Lindner
  • 1989
To evaluate the results of early interceptive grinding and also the possibility of self-correction of unilateral cross-bite, 76 4-yr-old children with this malocclusion were divided into one treated and one untreated group. In the treatment group 50% of the children exhibited a normal transverse occlusion evaluated in the mixed dentition, at the age of 9.(More)
Sucking habits and their relationship to posterior cross-bite were studied in 4-year-old children (n = 588) living in the municipality of Huddinge on the outskirts of Stockholm. Previous or persisting sucking habits were registered for 88% of the children with dummy sucking as the dominating type (78%). At the age of 4 years 48% of all children still(More)
The relationship between sucking habits and dental characteristics of unilateral cross-bite in 4-yr-old children (n = 76) was studied. The cross-bites were classified on the variables "number of teeth involved", incisor "overjet" and "overbite", "terminal plane shift", "midline shift", "asymmetric maxillary dental arch" and "max./mand. arch width(More)
The influence of a low force appliance on the maxilla in correction of unilateral cross-bite was studied clinically and radiographically in 29 preschool children following a standardized treatment schedule. Four weeks' expansion was followed by a 4-wk retention and a 12-wk postretention period. Inter- and intraobserver evaluations of the reliability of the(More)
The evaluation and management of the sexually assaulted woman is a challenging task that emergency physicians frequently face. The physician must assume dual roles as advocate for the patient and as an agent of the government. While caring for the immediate physical and emotional well being of the victim, the physician also must be diligent in the forensic(More)
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