Alice J. Kelly

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BACKGROUND The Hospital Inpatient Enquiry (HIPE) system is an important information source for research and health service planning activities. However, as it was not designed explicitly for these purposes, some limitations exist. AIMS To make recommendations that would increase the value of HIPE as a research and planning tool. METHODS Experiences of(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the management of vaginal symptoms despite their frequency. Most vaginal symptoms in non-menopausal women are managed as thrush, although bacterial vaginosis is commoner. AIM The aim of this study was to measure the experiences of women attending their general practitioner with vaginal symptoms including self-reporting of(More)
A survey of dental schools in the European Union was carried out for two main reasons. Firstly to promote the exchange of information in respect of curriculum objectives in the different countries and secondly to ascertain the differences in the interpretation of the 1978 EU sectoral directives for dental education and training. Out of 127 schools, only 30(More)
Serum PTH-(1-84), PRL, and adjusted calcium concentrations were determined at 30-min intervals for a 24-h period in six normal adult men. PTH-(1-84) and PRL both exhibited two peaks of increased secretion [1600-1900 and 0200-0600 h for PTH-(1-84); 2000-2200 and 0400-0800 h for PRL]. For each subject there was a striking similarity in the magnitude of(More)
Timely and convenient access to primary healthcare is essential for the health of the population as delays can incur additional health and financial costs. Access to health care is under increasing scrutiny as part of the drive to contain escalating costs, while attempting to maintain equity in service provision. The objective was to compare primary care(More)
Ecological studies are increasingly being used to monitor changes in status over time or as a way of evaluating area based policy interventions and as a method of examining for widening inequalities in health. The principle is to apply the same assessment instruments to the same areas at two points in time and to compare the changes. However, most of these(More)
BACKGROUND Research and policy related to reducing health inequalities has progressed separately within Ireland and Northern Ireland. This paper describes the first exploration of the socio-economic influences on health on the island of Ireland since 1922. METHODS Postal survey. RESULTS The response rate was 52%; 11,870 respondents. Men reported more(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the authors commenced a randomised controlled trial to study the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural coping skills (CBCS) to reduce cocaine usage in methadone-maintained patients' in a clinical setting by assessing attendance at treatment sessions and outcomes in terms of cocaine use. However, recruitment into the study stopped when(More)
Modelling has been used to estimate variations in travel time to Accident & Emergency (A&E) Departments for Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), taking into account three different distributions of A&E departments in the country. We have modelled three scenarios: current, the current distribution of A&E Departments;(More)
BACKGROUND There is no established safe level of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Studies from Ireland have consistently shown lower abstention and higher binge drinking rates in pregnancy than other countries, indicating a high potential for foetal alcohol-related disorders. There has been little research on alcohol in pregnancy in primary care. AIMS To(More)