Alice Ihmer

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Sox proteins of group C are strongly expressed in the developing nervous system and have been associated with maturation of neurons and glia. Here, we overexpressed the group C protein Sox4 in transgenic mice under the control of the human GFAP promoter. Transgene expression was detected in radial glia and astrocytes throughout the CNS. The transgenic mice(More)
Mesonephric agenesis was achieved by microsurgical excision of the left Wolffian duct and the underlying intermediate mesoderm of different regions between somites 16 and 23 in chickens after 50-52 h of incubation (stage 14 HH). Quail-chick chimaeras were produced by transplantation of corresponding quail tissue in the region of somites 18-21. A(More)
The sequence of events and a possible reason for germ cell death during oogenesis in the prenatal ovary were studied in rat and mouse embryos. ED 14–22 rat and ED 14–16 mouse embryos were studied using semithin sections for light microscopy and serial ultrathin sections for electron microscopy. In addition, the rat material was 3H-thymidine labelled for(More)
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