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The concept of user experience (UX) has had a warm welcome in the research community since its introduction almost two decades ago. Still, there is no consensus on a unified definition of the concept nor is there agreement on how to best measure UX. In this paper, we argue that UX is context-dependent and most of all product-dependent in its nature.(More)
When purchasing an interactive product, users nowadays seek more than a flawless functionality and a comfortable ease of use. Products need to be enjoyable and exciting to have a unique selling point. User Experience (UX) is constituted by the instrumental qualities as well as the hedonic qualities of a product and impacts on the user's overall appraisal.(More)
The FAA and NASA are jointly embarking on a multiphased research and development program to develop and implement wake vortex avoidance solutions that can safely reduce separations and improve capacity at airports in the NAS. Many options have been proposed by the wake turbulence community and it is necessary to focus research efforts on the most promising(More)
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