Alice Gross

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The concept of user experience (UX) has had a warm welcome in the research community since its introduction almost two decades ago. Still, there is no consensus on a unified definition of the concept nor is there agreement on how to best measure UX. In this paper, we argue that UX is context-dependent and most of all product-dependent in its nature.(More)
When purchasing an interactive product, users nowadays seek more than a flawless functionality and a comfortable ease of use. Products need to be enjoyable and exciting to have a unique selling point. User Experience (UX) is constituted by the instrumental qualities as well as the hedonic qualities of a product and impacts on the user’s overall appraisal.(More)
A case of unusual postmortem mutilation of a victim's body is presented. After killing his father, the son decapitated his body and dissected the scalp free, forming a mask of the father's head and neck. The young man wore the scalp-mask over his own head to imitate the father. The motive of the murder was revenge, and the postmortem mutilation was the(More)
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