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In many settings, an effective way of evaluating objects of interest is to collect evaluations from dispersed individuals and to aggregate these evaluations together. Some examples are categorizing online content and evaluating student assignments via peer grading. For this data science problem, one challenge is to motivate participants to conduct such(More)
The Epic cell assay technology (Corning Inc., Corning, NY) uses a resonant waveguide grating optical biosensor to measure cellular response to ligands manifested through dynamic mass redistribution (DMR) of cellular contents. The DMR measurement is a noninvasive, label-free assay that can be used to assess the pharmacological properties of compounds. In(More)
I1 Trauma, Pre-hospital and Cardiac Arrest Care 2015 Pascale Avery, Leopold Salm, Flora Bird The Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea, London, UK; The Royal London Hospital, London, UK; The Royal Free Hospital, London, UK Correspondence: Pascale Avery (pascaleavery@live.co.uk) – The Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea, London, UK Scandinavian Journal of Trauma,(More)
The most widely used assay format for characterizing plasma membrane transporter activity measures accumulation of radiolabeled substrates in tissues or cells expressing the transporters. This assay format had limitations and disadvantages; therefore, there was an unmet need for development of a homogeneous, nonradioactive assay for membrane transporter(More)
In recent years, many emerging problems with urban transportation system, including traffic congestion, have been direct results of the steadily increasing number of commuters in urban areas. To address these problems, many research projects have studied the behaviors of urban traffic systems, and researchers have proposed new and innovative traffic control(More)
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