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Chaotic zone boundary for low free eccentricity particles near an eccentric planet
We consider particles with low free or proper eccentricity that are orbiting near planets on eccentric orbits. Through collisionless particle integration, we numerically find the location of the
Perceptual Assimilation and Discrimination of Non-Native Vowel Contrasts
Non- native vowel perception was investigated here in light of relevant theoretical models: the Perceptual Assimilation Model (PAM) and the Natural Referent Vowel (NRV) framework, suggesting that perceptual assimilation might modulate the effects of vowel peripherality on non-native vowel perception.
Cross-language perception of nonnative vowels: Phonological and phonetic effects of listeners' native languages
Results coincide with the languages’ phonological and phonetic properties, including English, French, Danish, Norwegian.
Phonemic Segmentation as Epiphenomenon: Evidence from the History of Alphabetic Writing*
1. PRELIMINARY REMARKS There is by now a large and convincing body of evidence that linguistic units representing acoustic or articulatory steady states need not be included as primitives in
Assimilation of non‐native vowel contrasts to the American English vowel system.
The perceptual assimilation model (PAM) [Best et al., JEP:HPP 14, 345–360 (1988)] predicts that two non‐native sounds that are assimilated to the same nature category will be harder for listeners to
On the Nature of Proto-Semitic *l
BASED ON THE REGULARITY of the correspondences supporting it, it would appear that reconstruction of Proto-Semitic *1 is uncontroversial and, by implication, uninteresting. It is the purpose of this