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I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience
This article investigates how content producers navigate ‘imagined audiences’ on Twitter, talking with participants who have different types of followings to understand their techniques, including targeting different audiences, concealing subjects, and maintaining authenticity.
Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age
Social media technologies such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook promised a new participatory online culture. Yet, technology insider Alice Marwick contends in this insightful book, "Web 2.0" only
Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy
The popular photo-sharing app Instagram has created a new breed of celebrities: the Instafamous. This essay examines the phenomenon—from Singaporean socialites showing off shoe collections to high
To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter
Social media technologies let people connect by creating and sharing content. We examine the use of Twitter by famous people to conceptualize celebrity as a practice. On Twitter, celebrity is
Networked privacy: How teenagers negotiate context in social media
This work argues that the dynamics of sites like Facebook have forced teens to alter their conceptions of privacy to account for the networked nature of social media, and offers a model of networked privacy to explain how privacy is achieved in networked publics.
“There Isn't Wifi in Heaven!” Negotiating Visibility on Facebook Memorial Pages
Today, social network sites are a key site for public displays of connection and grieving. Mourners weigh the benefits of publicness with the problems associated with large and diverse audiences. The
The Public Domain: Social Surveillance In Everyday Life DRAFT VERSION
A profile on a social network site or a Twitter account is created and constructed against the background of an audience—as something to be looked at. This paper argues that the dual gaze of social