Alice E. O’Connor

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We use data from surveys of employers and households in four metropolitan areas to predict the degree of job availability for various types of disadvantaged workers, such as minorities, high school dropouts, and welfare recipients. We conduct simulations in which we “match” workers to jobs on the basis of skill, spatial, and racial characteristics of each.(More)
Recrystallization of [PdCl2([9]aneS2O)] ([9]aneS2O = 1-oxa-4,7-dithiacyclononane), 1, and [PtCl2([9]aneS2O)], 2, by diffusion of Et2O vapor into solutions of the complexes in MeNO2 yielded three phases of 1 and two phases of 2. The known phase of 1, herein designated α-1, was obtained under ambient conditions. A second phase, designated β-1, was initially(More)
Two independent mol-ecules of the title solvated complex, [V(C16H14N2O2)O]·CH3OH, also known as [N,N'-bis-(salicyl-idene)ethyl-enedi-amine]-oxidovanadium(IV) or vanadyl salen, crystallize in the asymmetric unit. Each disordered methanol solvent mol-ecule [occupancy ratios 0.678 (4):0.322 (4) and 0.750 (5):0.250 (5)] is linked to a(More)
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