Alice Devillers

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A partial linear space is a non-empty set of points, provided with a collection of subsets called lines such that any pair of points is contained in at most one line and every line contains at least two points. Graphs and linear spaces are particular cases of partial linear spaces. A partial linear space which is neither a graph nor a linear space is called(More)
A classification is given of rank 3 group actions which are quasiprim-itive but not primitive. There are two infinite families and a finite number of individual imprimitive examples. When combined with earlier work of Bannai, Kantor, Liebler, Liebeck and Saxl, this yields a classification of all quasiprimitive rank 3 permutation groups. Our classification(More)
We give a unified approach to analysing, for each positive integer s, a class of finite connected graphs that contains all the distance transitive graphs as well as the locally s-arc transitive graphs of diameter at least s. A graph is in the class if it is connected and if, for each vertex v, the subgroup of auto-morphisms fixing v acts transitively on the(More)