Alice Daniels

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Piezoelectric material properties have substantial influence on electrical power output from piezoelectric energy harvesters (PEHs). Understanding their influences is the first step in designing effective PEHs to generate higher power outputs. This paper uses a coupled piezoelectric-circuit-finite element method to study the power outputs of different types(More)
It is difficult to characterize the Piezoelectric Cymbal Transducer (PCT) using the equivalent circuit method and/or dynamic modeling alone. This paper uses a validated Finite Element Model (FEM) that encompasses both mechanical and electrical aspects of the PCT design for energy harvesting applications. The PCT consists of a piezoelectric disk sandwiched(More)
Many ir detectors can only operate when cooled to low temperatures. A short description is given of an integrated refrigerator-detector combination in airborne use. Experimental results are presented for developmental refrigerators in which weight and power input have been reduced to a point where satellite- borne operation becomes feasible.
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