Alice Beare

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The Human Leucocyte Differentiation Antigens Workshops (HLDA) have since 1984 provided a forum for the characterization and study of leucocyte surface molecules and antibodies against them. HLDA devised the CD nomenclature, which is sanctioned by IUIS. The HLDA Council reviewed and modified the objectives of HLDA in 2004, and changed the name of the(More)
A group of nuclear submariners was studied to examine whether an 18-h routine (6-h on, 12-h off watch) during a 10-week submerged patrol affected the 24-h circadian rhythm in oral temperature, Thayer's activation, Mood 'Activity' (MA) and Mood 'Happiness' (MH). They were observed during three phases of the patrol: Phase 1, the beginning 8-day period; Phase(More)
GPC Biotech AG is developing 1D09C3, an anti-MHC class II (HLA-DR) fully human IgG4 antibody isolated by MorphoSys AG (from its HuCAL library of human antibodies), for the potential treatment of hematological malignancies. In December 2006, positive safety data from two phase I clinical trials were reported. Final phase I data were expected in mid-2007;(More)
P75NTR (or CD271) is a member of the Tumor Necrosis Factor receptor (TNFR) super family of transmembrane proteins that share significant homology in their extracellular domains. Subsets of TNF receptors, including CD271, have a cytoplasmic death domain, although CD271 has unique intracellular structure and downstream signaling partners. CD271 is also(More)
Measures were made of the ability of color-defective men to judge correctly the colors of navigation lights (red, green, or white) presented to them at night under realistic sea conditions. Eighty-one color-defective men were employed; they were categorized as to type and degree of defect using a battery of five color-vision tests. While the average(More)
Many of the leukocyte cell surface molecules are known by "CD" numbers. In this Appendix, a short introduction describes the history and the use of CD nomenclature and provides a few key references to enable access to the wider literature. This is followed by a table that lists all human molecules with approved CD names, tabulating alternative names, key(More)
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