Alice Bajardi

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Clones were obtained that encode the rat and mouse forms of heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF), a potent mitogen for smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts and keratinocytes that is proposed to be derived from a transmembrane precursor. Within the HB-EGF precursor sequences predicted from these cDNAs, the region corresponding to the secreted(More)
Central to immune and inflammatory responses are the integrin-mediated adhesive interactions of cells with their extracellular matrix (ECM)-rich environment. Using a comprehensive and quantitative mRNA profiling technique, we analyzed the effect of ECM-induced attachment on monocyte gene expression, its regulation by growth factors, and the integrin(More)
Subunit vaccines generally require adjuvants to elicit immune responses, but adjuvants may alter the conformation of critical epitopes and reduce vaccine efficacy. We therefore tested an immunization strategy in which antigen is covalently coupled to aluminum oxide nanoparticles using a method that favors preservation of the native conformation. The test(More)