Alice A. Kuo

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Epidemiologists have shown how birth outcomes are generally robust for immigrant Latina mothers, despite often situated in poor households, advanced by their strong prenatal and nutritional practices. But little is known about (1) how these protective factors may differ among Latino subgroups, (2) the extent to which birth outcomes, ongoing maternal(More)
Timing of the first introduction of solid food during infancy may have potential effects on life-long health. To understand the characteristics that are associated with the timing of infants' initial exposure to solid foods. The 2000 National Survey of Early Childhood Health (NSECH) was a nationally representative telephone survey of 2,068 parents of(More)
The views presented here are those of the authors and should not be attributed to The Commonwealth Fund or its directors, officers, or staff. Copies of this report are available from The Commonwealth Fund by calling its toll-free publications line at 1-888-777-2744 and ordering publication number 564. The report can also be found on the Fund's website at(More)
To understand Latina mothers' definitions of health and obesity in their children and perceptions of physician weight assessments. 24 low-income Spanish speaking Mexican mothers of children ages 2-5 years were recruited to participate in 4 focus groups. Half of the mothers had overweight or obese children and half had healthy weight children. Focus group(More)
OBJECTIVE Latinos are the largest racial and ethnic minority group in the United States and bear a disproportionate burden of obesity related chronic disease. Despite national efforts to improve dietary habits and prevent obesity among Latinos, obesity rates remain high. The objective of this study is to explore the relationship between self-rated dietary(More)
days. The patient's medical history included a laminec-tomy two years ago for treatment of a spinal cord (T 9 –T 12) tumour with resulting left paraplegia. Urinary retention was treated regularly by a suprapubic cysto-Introduction tomy with Malecot tube placement. His current hospitalization was for treatment of decubitus ulcers over The(More)
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