Alice A. Frye

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This study examined the relations between maternal criticism and externalizing and internalizing symptoms in adolescents who varied in their risk for psychopathology. Both maternal-effects and child-effects models were examined. The sample consisted of 194 adolescents (mean age = 11.8 years) and their mothers; 146 mothers had a history of depressive(More)
A stages-of-change motivational interviewing (SOCMI) treatment approach was compared with a standard cognitive behavioral therapy gender reeducation (CBTGR) approach in a sample of 528 English-speaking and Spanish-speaking male batterers who were randomly assigned to 49 26-week groups in either condition. Blind ratings of therapist adherence differentiated(More)
OBJECTIVE To complement standardized measurement of symptoms, we developed and tested an efficient strategy for identifying (before treatment) and repeatedly assessing (during treatment) the problems identified as most important by caregivers and youths in psychotherapy. METHOD A total of 178 outpatient-referred youths, 7-13 years of age, and their(More)
BACKGROUND Early sexual activity can undermine adolescents' future school success and health outcomes. The purpose of this study was to assess the role of a family homework component of a comprehensive sex education intervention in delaying sexual initiation for early adolescents and to explore what social and contextual factors prevent adolescents from(More)
Life stress is associated with depression, although it accounts for only about 10% of the variance. Social problem solving has been found to be a moderator of the stress–depression relationship in adults and children. This study extends research in this area by testing whether social problem solving moderates the relationship between stress and depression(More)